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What happened to america the beautiful? A nation in distress

What is wrong with our country?? There’s a lot that could be said, and so many different reasons. Maybe we will do a deep dive into the many different reasons, we can unpack, pull back the layers, in detail over the next few weeks, in different posts. That said, let’s start out with a general answer to an otherwise loaded question; What is wrong with our country?? Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation, but SIN is a reproach to any people. The kingdom of darkness being exalted by the corrupt leaders of our country. We have to many politicians that sell out for money over the good of the people. The very people who are sent to Washington DC on assignment to “represent the people who voted and elected them to office.” Unfortunately, instead of representing “the people” they go there and represent themselves; their own beliefs, ideology (and without question) their own agendas. The hard truth, is that they have become political pimps, pimping out the American people, to further their own political and financial gain. It’s absolutely “sickening.” These corrupt politicians have put “We the People” in chains, through their lies, deceit, exaltation of immorality, constant pushing of propaganda and over legislation, which has effectively, little by little, been stripping our nation of the very freedoms that we have so long enjoyed!! We need to break these chains, and cut the noose from our necks, and break loose from the tyranny of a rogue government (they’re out of control). The three letter agencies have grown to be government agencies who no one in their “right mind” trust. The higher ups of these agencies have sold out to a communist/Marxist/ and fascist globalist agenda. Government Agencies that are “supposed” to be “A political” are playing partisan politics, and are becoming the new “gestapo of the Democratic/RINO socialist, globalist uni-party.” The leaders and people in positions of power, continually come up with whatever narrative will support their cause, they push this propaganda, sending it out through “their” mainstream media news outlets which then propagates those lies over and over again, until the masses believe those lies to be the truth. They, on the regular, cover up crimes (especially of the elite) instead of preventing or prosecuting them. They protect the crimes of the elite, and so called leaders in our country, rather than ever bringing or enacting any justice upon the failed, corrupt, vile, and rogue government/leadership!!! They have steered our country so far away from morality (which was 💯on purpose), they are making disciples of Sodom and Gomorrah!! Disciples of confusion and immorality, disciples of a new world order. They continue corrupting, hiding only behind the lies (that we have all believed) that the government and her agencies have Americas best interest in mind (so that no one will question their motives)…… Meanwhile they remain steadfast in preparing hearts and minds (especially of our young) to “reject authority” (parents), “reject Christianity” and that of a “biblical worldview,” “reject wholesome” life styles, “reject Mommy’s and Daddy’s” (Mommy’s being a WOMAN, and Daddy’s being a Man), “rejecting biology, and the absolute fact of there being only two genders “MALE and FEMALE”, “reject heterosexuality” as they have begun to call it oppressive. They “reject free speech,” they have worked long and hard at dismantling and or trampling upon our constitution. This list just keeps going on and on and on. They continue to feed the masses lie, after lie, after lie, and what we continually consume eventually a people will believe and begin to act upon those beliefs. They have taught and continue to teach the generations and youth of tomorrow to call evil things good, and good things evil…..Which in turn, raises up a rebellious generation (the word of God says that “rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft”) which will continue to rebel against authority, rebel against everything that is Godly, Holy, good and pure, believing those things that are actually good, are evil. When leaders fail to exalt righteousness in a nation, no good thing is ever the result. However, one thing is for certain, when righteousness is not exalted, the opposite of good, most assuredly will rise up!! Therefore unrighteousness, immorality, debauchery and evil permeates to and through every crevice and corner of a nation, which if left unchecked, evil becomes a stronghold in that nation (area: households, towns, counties, states, regions, spreading through to the entire nation). The road our country is headed in right now, if there is not a fundamental and wholesale change (which will require a going back, before we can head forward)……back to our morals, back to an American nation that is NOT, nor should have ever become a “corporation” but rather remained a FREE NATION, that the patriots of old, fought and died for!!! They did this knowing, that they would not see the immediate benefits, but rather, the hope of their family, and families, friends, loved ones, and essentially everyone who would one day call America their home, would enjoy the inheritance of that very Freedom, that these patriots secured by “their” ultimate sacrifice (their lives)!!!! How soon we forget the blood spilt, in the name of Freedom!! How soon we forget, that the benefits today, were secured by generations from long ago. How soon we forget that this generation of blind woke ideology, is all but a blindfold to keep a people believing in false narratives propagated by an oligarch, and cabal of families that run the world, all to keep America from moving forward as the greatest nation we have ever seen, LAND OF THE FREE, and HOME of the BRAVE!!! We are a nation that was intended to have our elected officials serving the people of this nation, not we the people serving our government!!! A nation, as Abraham Lincoln stated at Gettysburg (addressing our soldiers, and speaking about the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in order); “that the government “OF the people,” “BY the people,” “FOR the people,” shall not perish from the earth.” Look at the words in which he carefully spoke: A government “OF” the people…… “BY” the people……”FOR” the people!!!!!! Friends, what are we really doing????? Are we really choosing to believe, that corrupt politicians, which in turn breeds a corrupt government, drunk on power, greed, and completely self interest, will actually relinquish and give the power back to the intended; “WE THE PEOPLE?” Do we really believe that, one man, or one woman can change all of it??? That’s just not reality….. We need a change of heart, a change in the soul and spirit of our country as a whole!!! A change, that allows us to wake up from the nightmare that is seemingly growing out of control, and has allowed common men, to rise to the level of authority and power, voted in by, “We the People,” as we were put under spell by the hisses of forked tongue, manipulative pleasantries, and the itching of our ears. In turn, we voted them in office, to stand for us; only to find out, that they themselves, would be ensnared by the allure, prestige, and riches, on their way to becoming kings, and rulers of the swamp!!! When people battle addiction, their loved ones, will hold interventions. Nobody who is the intended recipient of these interventions are ever welcoming of it. At first the will fight it with everything they have, they get defensive, they lie, they lash out, but in the end, it’s really an ultimatum given, by the people who love, and care for them. “Get the help, accept the help, detox, counseling, get delivered and set free, so that you can become all that “God” has intended for you to be!!” If this help is not accepted, or taken, it’s not that we don’t love you, but we can no longer sit idly by why you destroy yourself, in turn, hurting ALL THE PEOPLE who you love, and who love you!!! The same kind of act, and love, is what we need in America, a wholesale change, a change of mind, a change in how we govern, a change from the addictive ways of “do whatever makes you happy, live for yourself, please yourself, worship yourself, etc.” America needs deliverance, America need to be set free, America needs a divine intervention!!! We need to allow regular everyday people to run for office, no matter how much money one has, or is worth. All of that is utter nonsense, it’s unfair to the public, and to our country as a whole!! Furthermore, it keeps the choices down to a small pool of people, who are worth much more (financially) than most Americans. People worth multi millions/and billions of dollars, should not be a deciding factor in whether someone can or is qualified to run for office. Politics should not be an avenue to create self wealth, while taking advantage by stepping on necks of the very people who you were elected to protect and serve, to help by standing for them, not on them!!! However, it appears to always come down to money, money, MAMMON!! Just how many, All American men and women, true patriots, have not been able to run for office, all because they didn’t have the money to feed the beast, degrees hanging on the wall, or the political capital of holding the prestige of a family name. How many hard working farmers could have been prevented from running for office??? How many Plumbers, Electricians, Construction Workers, so on and so forth??? How many hard working Americans (better suited to represent the people) have not had an opportunity, all because of the unattainable stipulations that have been set, in order to run?! Way too many good men and woman have been overlooked, and or prevented from running that would have exalted righteousness. A men and women who would have and still would (even right now) stand for the good of our nation, make the hard and necessary decisions to turn the tide of our country. If it wasn’t always about the money, the millions upon millions of dollars that continually back, and pour into the political machine of the “Democratic Socialist/RINO Uni-Party,” if it wasn’t always about “MONEY,” or the promise of riches and wealth, then we could see a people run for and elected into office, who “could” do a good work for the people. Why, could they do a good work?? There wouldn’t be as many selling out the country for monetary gain, because they would not be bought and paid for by the powers at be (who live behind the scenes in the dark corners of their ivory towers, plotting and scheming on how to exact their own agenda for our nation). These everyday American men and woman could put the focus on a thriving America, they could and prayerfully would prosecute injustice (no matter, white collar, or blue collar) everyone is treated the same, no matter one’s status, race and or religion. Whether you have held positions of power, influence, authority, prestige of family name, we “CANNOT” turn away, and “SHOULD NEVER” be intimidated because of how much money, power and influence one has. What does it really say about us as a Nation, when we have people who courageously come forward, set to testify (whistle blowers) to and about their knowledge of crimes committed (by the people in power and or those holding positions of authority) who suddenly are jailed, end up deceased, or go missing (never to be heard from again)???!! This happens, over and over again (not hidden from the public eye, rather in the open for all to see) without consequence. Very few questions are ever asked, even fewer answers are given. Why??? What do these whistleblowers, what do these witnesses (that are putting their life on the line), know and have to say about crimes committed by leaders of our country?? Are they not Americans? Are they not people, who deserve protection??? Why do so many end up silenced?? Why do so many, LOOK THE OTHER WAY???!!! This is not partisan! We really have allowed our leaders, and the people holding places of authority and power, grow to become the “untouchables?” If you are breaking the law, committing crimes, treason, selling out America, you SHOULD in-fact be held to account. “If” found guilty then you would be held accountable under the law, the very same laws that everyday Americans have to abide by and adhere to. Why should it ever be any different for criminals who are in positions of leadership in our country? How should it be any different for those who have been in the Oval Office?? I would argue that they should actually be held accountable even more so (not make these leaders untouchable), because of the responsibility they have (and or have had). Which “should” have been to SERVE “WE THE PEOPLE” not enslave us, NOT “be served by us!!” If we had the right men and women in office, we would not turn a blind eye to all of the sex trafficking of children, pedophilia, demonic indoctrination, spreading of propaganda, and the plethora of many other atrocities, and horrible realities that have been happening without consequence for FAR TO LONG!!!! Unfortunately people want to believe that none of this could ever happen, and remain living with their proverbial head in the sand. As they continue to believe that their adherence and loyalty to their “political party” supersedes truth!!!! We believe that loyalty to a party never should supersede, looking into the diabolical and heartbreaking reality that crimes are crimes (and those who commit them should be held accountable) regardless of one’s position, power, money and or political status or affiliation. It’s time to understand that being American, is not blindly being sold out to one political party or another. It’s not whether you support red or blue, rather that you stand for the good of our country as a whole, standing for the Red, White and Blue!!! Stand for Freedom, stand for the success of our nation, prosperity of our nation, growth of our nation and the protection of our nation!!! Wanting something opposite of these things, would be considered UN-AMERICAN!! If that’s you, then….why are you still here??? Truly, I don’t mean that sarcastically, but it’s a real question; why would you want to live in a country in which you wouldn’t want to see these things (Freedom, prosperity, growth, and protection, to be safe) manifest in the nation you live in?? Unless that is, your desire is to enjoy the very freedoms, that will allow you, the opportunity to infiltrate and destroy us from within???? So, What’s the deal?!!! We need an intervention!!!! A divine intervention, Holy Spirit come and flood our nation with a Holy Fire that stirs the heart of our nation to repent and turn back to you!!! Freedom is costly, it is not free, and the people who have power in our country, along with their puppet masters that pull the strings (behind the scenes), THEY do NOT care about our freedom (their daily actions prove that). They care not about our FREEDOM, not about our economy, or welfare, they care not about our safety…..none of it!! They can give lip service all the day long as they try and secure your vote (but for a lot of us), our eyes, are wide open. We can see that their actions, show us much different once they take a deep dive into the swamp!!! What do their actions show to us, that they care about??? They want more money, remain drunk on power, and keep control (lest they be exposed as they run and are empowered by the same spirit that we saw operating in Esau, and Judas)!!! WE NEED some fighters, and backbone, we need some HOLY BOLDNESS in our elected officials!!!! They continue using American tax payers money, to support and fund corruption, sending our money to support false flag ops, corrupt countries, demonic and globalist agendas, all at the expense of the hard working Americans. The infrastructure spending, is not for our homeland, it’s for the infrastructure of their demonic roads, that they continue to build, repair and travel along, on their path of destruction. These are the same people and same kind of spirit that we fought to break free from, to become a nation in the first place!!! A President is one man, but that one man has the responsibility to hire their own cabinet, their own administration, to put people in places of authority that should first and foremost put the people of our country before their own gain! Unfortunately this never seems to be the case. Instead they lie, they cheat, they steal their way to securing their own success at the expense of an American people that they are supposed to lead, protect and serve. Friends, they have it twisted, and my prayer is the a majority in America will wake up before it’s too late. I’m praying we have not crossed that threshold quite yet. These presidents, and sooooo many of these “politicians” think of themselves more as if they are kings, and “we the people” are actually here to serve them…..Well, I will say right now; “I REBUKE that prideful, no good spirit in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!!” We need a people (a United people) to come together (which in truth, is not something that we can honestly, say that we see happening, at least as a whole entire country). However, we do need a majority in our nation, and I’m not speaking of any political party, Congress, senate, etc., we need a Majority of Americans, “we the people” to once again stand for our country…….OR, Friends, we will not have one to speak of!!!! Look, there is not a whole lot of people that will rip the band aid off, and just say and or speak the truth of what we are looking at. I’ve never been one to pacify or speak feel good messages, just to appease peoples flesh. I care about the truth of Gods word (and the truth as it is, not what we pretend it to be) and where one is headed eternally. That being said, the reality is, that we are NOT headed for a recession, but we are speeding with the highest of velocity towards catastrophe (and all of this has been manufactured and done on and with purpose). This isn’t something that has just happened, it’s NOT by accident. For the potential collapse of our dollar, the collapse of what made us a thriving society, nation, doesn’t just happen, and most definitely doesn’t just happen overnight. This has been enacted by a people behind the scenes (people, that most, would not even know, or a lot of the times even suspect….nevertheless, they are there, moving pieces in positions, as if we were pawns in a game of chess). These are powerful men (families), empowered by an Antichrist spirit, who decided long ago, that they would be in this for the long game. What we are witnessing, combatting, and having to eat as of right now, is the terrible tasting fruit, of their demonic labor!! We need a people who will run for office that will no longer pacify but RECTIFY the calamities done by these weak kneed, sold out, corrupt, treasonous, immoral, selfish, leaders/ and politicians. They will say whatever they think people want to hear, in order to benefit them, and their intended agenda/purpose. Their purpose; to get elected or get into positions to make their money, power and prestige as they in turn, sell out America!! The LGBTQ+ (Truly, I can’t keep up with all the letters that they continue to add to all of this… has become a religion, a religion one would find in the lands of ancient Shinar, the lands many of us know as Babylon….along with the ancient ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah). The LGBTQ+, transgender, critical race theory, abortion, bio-weapons, decimation of our crops, poisoning our food, rebellion against parents, the growing hate for Christians who still hold to biblical worldview, continual spreading of division among the people, along with all the other demonic garbage, that we have had to endure over these last years is absolutely and complete INSANITY!!!!! Families 20,30, 40, 50 plus years ago, would be absolutely horrified to see what is being celebrated and continually propagated in our nation!!! People have literally lost their minds, and are being given over to their own delusions, or what the word calls in Roman’s chapter one, “given over to a debased and or reprobate mind!!” Those of us who still are right thinking, understand completely that this is all abuse, child abuse, and grooming a generation to be raised up to be confused and lost (which leads to a people raising up a people who will battle the spirit of hopelessness and living a life in fear). We need to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!! It’s time for us to have some actual adults in the room and or at the table, and FINALLY just PUT A COMPLETE, FULL STOP on all this lunacy!!! American leadership (ALL OF THEM!!), from woke presidents, to their administration, to all the woke corrupt leaders in the three letter agencies, to the woke politicians, to woke and indoctrinated teachers, and school board members, mainstream media, social media, ALL OF THEM, need to be held accountable for their participation in the destruction and demonization of our nation. They ALL NEED a good old fashion, OLD SCHOOL SPANKING!!!!! The belt of correction as we call it….but not like a modern day spanking, I mean one of those spankings, that has some nostalgia on it. I’m talking PRE WWII kind of spanking!!! For all the leaders who say nothing at all, for fear of “not being popular” or “wanting to be liked by everyone” (time to get off of fantasy island friend…..time for you to PICK the SIDE of history you want to be remembered for standing on, hopefully the right side of history!!). By the way, there is only one right side, and if you happen to not agree with this post, welll………. Time to GET some People with CONVICTION, and just good old fashion “COMMON SENSE!!” Sheesh!!! That said, if you find safety in staying silent, you are absolutely culpable in all of this too, for “Silence in the face of evil, is evil itself.” Not saying anything, or keeping silent, or standing in the middle…..Well the time for fence riding must come to an end!!! Saying nothing, means you stood by and watched as the potential crushing of the greatest nation ever, actually manifested right before your eyes. Yet, while this all took place, you made the choice, to say and do nothing?!! The parallels of the collapse of Rome and our modern day United States are uncanny, truly!!! How did Ancient Rome, the greatest and mightiest nation/empire the world had ever seen, collapse??? From within!!! They collapsed from the inside out!! But, hey, at least you kept politically correct, and didn’t upset anyone (all the while remaining morally bankrupt!!) This is no longer about politics!!! These politicians don’t even talk about policy anymore…..what they actually talk about and what drives them, what their deisres show to be; is to pass laws that have to do with “legislating sin!!” If leaders make laws that enact sin, the culture will change. This is by design (through an Antichrist spirit) as they re-train the culture. How do they do this? Little by little, they begin desensitizing the culture, they put it in front of you as much as possible, until what you’re seeing becomes a sense of normalcy. They continue to show you these things, as they promote evil, while they call it good, and teach the culture that what was good, is actually evil. They condition a people, so that as they legislate immorality and sin, getting a people to adhere too and obey these laws and are no longer in wholesale protest, rather it is welcomed by a majority. The spiritual decline of our nation, is due to a heart that has grown hard, turning from the one true living God, and following after false gods. Exalting immorality, and unrighteousness, we have opened the door to a spirit of destruction. If immorality is being legislated, the result; “living in perpetual sin, and that nation is “arrested in sin, transgression and iniquity.” Legislating sin into the laws of the land, is shaking your fist at God, legalizing abominations, celebrating the unnatural and demonic, opens the door to destruction and cruse upon a people!! Friends, truly, we are long past the pleasantries, this is an all out spiritual war!!! A war that has been going on since the fall. The kingdom of darkness appears to be growing bolder and tightening its grip everyday on America (in hope for a new world order, and a grip of the world). Pleasantry preachers keep people stuck in a false sense of reality. We must preach the whole council of God, ALWAYS!!! We must teach Bible prophecy, and what Gods word says about the challenges we face (individually, as a family, culturally, and politically) and how we can respond when our nation, our country is on the brink. Is it popular? Not even close!!! Is it necessary? Is it healthy?? Absolutely!!! It’s exactly what Gods prophets did throughout His word, 100% ALWAYS!!!!! Jeremiah the crying prophet, cried because His heart broke for His nation, as they would not listen to the warnings from the Lord……what was the result?? CAPTIVITY!! We need to be built up, encouraged, we need a fresh fire of the Holy Ghost of God to fall upon His bride, His church, leaders in the church must stand and LEAD AGAIN!!As we pray for revival fires to fall upon our nation, calling a country, and a government to repentance!!! It’s time we once again started standing tall and strong on the word of God!!!! Let God be true, and everyman a liar (Romans 3:4). What Gods word says (certainly for the believer and born again Christian) should, always supersede the law of man. This is not to be disobedient or go against the laws of the land, (for we should be obedient to the laws of our land). Buuuuut, this is to say, that the moment that mankind begins to legislate sin, or sign into laws that emphatically and unequivocally contradict the Word of God, we are not to be obedient to sin. Therefore, we cannot put sinful, iniquitous, unnatural and abominable laws of man, over the word of God. We are not to give our support, or get behind, nor are we to be obedient to laws that would have open the door to a curse upon our lives, towns, states, regions and or country. We are not to blind-fully bend the knee of obedience and welcome laws that are passed that would comprise our faith walk, and have us, and our country living in a state of perpetual sin. In doing so (which the kingdom of darkness knows this, and has put this plan in motion) we become desensitized to the point where the very things that are meant to separate us from right relationship with God, have now, taken root, and looked at as normalcy, celebrated as heroic, accepted as “right, because a government, judges, and society smiles upon it, and say’s it is okay…. Just because something may be signed into man’s law, doesn’t mean that it is now okay in the eyes of God, or the laws of morality (which are His laws). He is the one who set the barometer of what is good, and what is not. What is pure, and what is not. What opens the doors of blessing and prosperity vs. what opens the doors to the curse, and destruction!!! These leaders/and people do this by trying to justify abnormalities, unnatural living, they justify sin, all in the name of progressive evolution…..well, friend, progress is a state of growth and moving forward, unfortunately what they call progression, we should actually call regressive devolution. What they call progress, I see plainly, and with Holy Ghost clarity, this is absolutely “regression”…… Regressing all the way back to the days of Noah, to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah…..(annnnd) we all know how that turned out???!!!!! SHEESH, WAAAAAAAKE UP AMERICA, LETS GOOO!!! Our strength does not come from man, or man’s government, or good policy, rather it comes from the Spirit of the one true living God. Our strength comes from Him moving, living and having His being in and throughout His people!!! Our strength comes from His strength, for when I am weak, He is made strong!! Praise You Jesus!!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻 We are strengthened as we continue being obedient to Gods government first and foremost, to living by Gods policies, and heralding those kingdom policies from the market place. When man’s government tries to become god in the life of the people they govern, when big government wants to have final say in your life, they are screaming at you, that “they are to be god” in your life, and you will worship at the feet of man…..and you will go by what they deem to be right, wrong, good, evil, fair, unfair, just or unjust…… TO THAT I SAY: NOOOOOOOOPE!!!!!! I REBUKE that foul demonic, Antichrist spirit in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH!!!! That is not and cannot be our reality, no matter how things may appear, we shall put “no thing” above Yahweh, and His kingdom!!!! Jeremiah 6:10To whom shall I speak and give warning, that they may hear? Behold, their ears are uncircumcised, they cannot listen; behold, the word of the LORD is to them an object of scorn; they take no pleasure in it.” ESV Jeremiah 6:10To whom can I give warning? Who will listen when I speak? Their ears are closed, and they cannot hear. They scorn the word of the LORD. They don’t want to listen at all.” NLT WE NEED A HOLY GHOST REVIVAL!! 2 Chronicles 7:14if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

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