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Walk out of your prison:Comfort in captivity is the enemy to your freedom

Acts 10:38 “how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost in with Power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.“

Oppressed (Acts 10:38) is the Greek word KATADYNASTEUO meaning to; exercise harsh control over one, to use ones power against one.

Vexed (Luke 6:18) is the Greek word OCHLEO meaning to excite a mob against one, to disturb, trouble, molest, troubled by demons.

Another Greek word is KATAPONEO (2 Peter 2:7) meaning to wear down, to tie down with toil, exhaust with labor; hence, to afflict or oppress with evils; to make trouble for; to treat roughly.

But Jesus came as our deliverer, He came to bring you liberty, to destroy the yoke of bondage and set the captive(s) free, Hallelujah!!

There are two Hebrew words for Deliver.

The first is NAT-SAL (psalm 22:8; 255:20) which has a few meanings.

- First, it means to take away or snatch away, as to take away riches and wealth. (2 Chronicles 20:25)

- Secondly, it also means to spoil. (Exodus 3:22)

- Thirdly, it means to preserve and defend. (Exodus 14:14)

- It also means to escape as a slave would and to find refuge where there is no extradition. (Deuteronomy 23:15, 16)

The second Hebrew word for deliver is the word CHALATS (Proverbs 11:8).

- it means to be delivered or pulled out as from trouble in death. It also means to withdraw or pull out of.

*DAROR (Isaiah 61:1) is the Hebrew word for liberty or freedom.

- It means to flow, sparkle or radiate with the glory of the Lord (Isaiah 9:2), And it was Jesus Christ himself that radiated with the glory of His Father to “set the captives free” and bring “liberty” to the bruised. (Luke 4:18; John 1:4, 5, 14)

This is what Jesus meant and wanted his followers to do, to shine with the light of his glory among the people in order to bring liberty to them and glory to the father. (Matthew 5:14-16).

Jesus said in John 10:7 and 9 “I am the door....”

The word door in the Hebrew is the word Petach (Psalm 24:7).

It has several meetings, but this is one definition in particular which means:

- to let loose, to set free, like opening a “door“ to let the captives out of prison. (Isaiah 14:17) And for the Body of Christ, He is standing at the “Door“ to deliver us. (Revelation 3:17-20)


Today, can be that changing day, today is a day of decision, its time to stand tall, strong IN FAITH and declare “ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!”

Today, it’s time for a JAIL BREAK in the mighty name of Jesus!! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STAY or REMAIN in the PRISON of oppression, torment, turmoil, pain, sickness and or disease…..there are at different times throughout our lives that one will have battles against oppression, torment, turmoil, pain, sickness, disease (to name just a few). However, to many develop a (Spiritual and Soulical) Stockholm Syndrome if you will, with the very thing that oppresses them. Many times without realizing it, ones identity becomes tied to their “captor” and the “bond” they have formed, with the very “enemy” of ones freedom. 

Look at the definition of Stockholm syndrome: Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response to being held captive. People with Stockholm syndrome form a psychological connection with their captors and begin sympathizing with them. In addition to the original kidnapper-hostage situation, Stockholm syndrome includes other types of trauma in which there’s a bond between the abuser and the person being abused.

Remember this is a spiritual fight!! This is a spiritual war, the warfare is real, and constant, and the fight doesn’t start first in the physical realm, rather the fight we have in the physical realm is the manifestation of what (fight/battle) first took place in the spirit!

The lie that we receive and believe as truth, is most dangerous to our freedom!! Lies are designed to purposely deceive, intended to keep one from “knowing truth.” The lies of the enemy when heard and the. believed are like venom that steals the hearing of a people, intended to make them spiritually deaf. If we live our lives “blinded” by and through the lies of the enemy, the enemy knows that this will result in a people living a “subjugated” life (unbeknownst to them), a life wrapped in perpetual imprisonment, chains of bondage, oppression, torment, turmoil, confusion, and struggle. The lies sold and bought by the masses, have resulted in a people learning to be “comfortable in captivity.” Not realizing that, FREEDOM and deliverance is not only waiting at the door, HE IS THE DOOR (JESSSUUUS🙌🏻), HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH and LIFE!

While “treating symptoms”, may provide some relief, it is but for a brief moment, until it wears off, runs out, or needs another fix. This has conditioned a people continually coming back again and again for that next dose, and or proverbial “shot in the arm!” Treating symptoms vs. Curing and or Healing the problem (whatever that problem may be, spiritually, emotionally, physically): Treating Symptoms, keeps a people in a captive state, with false hope they get a quick taste or an idea of freedom might be like, but once there choice of treatment wears off, that idea of freedom, deliverance, fades away which lets them know it’s time to go back to the “dealer” to get there symptomatic relief. Curing, or Healing and Wholeness means complete FREEDOM from the wearing off, freedom from the fix, going from the idea of liberty and freedom, to living it!! Instead of looking outside the bars through the small prison cell window, you have left the prison completely, never having to go back where you came from!!!

You are brand new, all because you made the decision, to put your faith foot forward, and instead of relying on the dealer, you relied on the  healer!! Jehovah Rapha, the great Physician, the Lord who Heals!

Living a life imprisoned by the enemy, DOES NOT have to be your lot in life….the devil is a LIE!!!

So many people quote John 8:32 and say the “truth shall set you free” but they leave out the key revelation of this text: it is in the “KNOWING” of truth that will make and or set you free. John 8:32 “and you will “know” the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Do not believe the enemy’s lies, you no longer have to be a POW “Prisoner of War” for your deliver has conquered the enemy, and is here to SET YOU FREE!!!!

No matter what you are contending and or battling with, the good news is that YOU DO NOT HAVE to STAY beaten down, and locked up by the demonic jailers that revel in your pain. THE DEVIL IS A LIE!!!!

I am writing this post, as the Holy Spirit stirred within me this message this morning, to share; NOW, is the time, to rise above the status quo, you were never meant to follow the status quo of this world. You are the salt of the earth, you are a chosen generation, appointed and anointed for a time such as this! You live in this world, but are not of this world, so come out from her and be separate.  We can “no longer remain comfortable in captivity.” I want to encourage you, this day, it’s time for a Holy Ghost jail break!!! JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH is opening PRISON DOORS, now take the first step toward freedom and WALK OUT!!!!

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