“Every night I read a story from the Bible to my daughter. She is almost 4 years old. I know she has been learning the books of the Bible during children’s ministry [Freedom Kidz] on Sundays so I decided to ask her what she knew.

I was thinking maybe she would tell me 4 or 5 books. Nope, I was astounded when she happily recited Genesis through Daniel without skipping a beat! Seriously, y'all need to come to our church!”  - N.S.


"One of my biggest blessings is my church Freedom Worship Center. These people love Jesus, believe in Holy Spirit, stand strong for God, and face hard things bravely. I have never known a church like this - truly a church of Acts lead by the mightiest man of God I know. 

These are real people, changed by a real God, walking in real power because of a real Jesus!

If you are looking for something more, better, or different, come join us because when life gets real... us and God will be there for you." - C.M.

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