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Both Sides Of The Fence

We live in a time where the church is becoming more and more about appearance, mixing world views with and inside the church, trying to stay relevant with the times. As the church we are the bride of Christ, we are married to Jesus. Yet so many churches today (which are growing with great success, that's undeniable!) have compromised, living a life of polygamy as they walk down the aisle holding hands with Jesus and the world.

I realize that this post will not appeal to the masses, I, however, can no longer stand idle while a watered-down gospel takes this nation by storm. While worldly ideals creep into the church, being widely accepted as relevant, nonjudgemental, live how you want, cause God loves you all the same. All this to reach a wider audience?! All this to grow the church's size?!

Meanwhile, these same churches are not teaching or preaching the Acts of the Holy Spirit; because of being afraid it may scare people, or it might cause service to go a little longer than originally planned. Spiritual Warfare is not taught. And why should it be if you can live how you want and God loves everyone? Then there is no reason to talk about Hell or the demonic forces that are running rampant in the world and in the church today.

I am not naive to think that people will read this and it will pierce their heart, bringing conviction (You know, the correction that comes from the Holy Spirit... that word that is rarely used in the modern church movement. The same word that many mistake for condemnation.). However, I pray that it may open the eyes of even just one brother or sister, causing a stirring in their spirit to take inventory or reevaluate their current circumstance! Standing for truth is not easy, and Christianity was never meant to be an easy walk. We are called to go against the grain, to push back against the demonic forces, and to push back against the political correctness and liberalism of this modern world.

Churches not mixing together, a little bit of the world and a little bit of the Gospel, as they preach a compromising motivational message trying to bring the congregation a feel-good moment!... And in the end, what is accomplished? A people that are learning how to live on both sides of the fence!

Just think about it, church is so much more than a feel-good message and an altar call!

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